Always garage for the first time

Drones belong to the blue sky, green grass, with a breeze… Whilst the sun light showers over their body, they look lovely. Well, that’s the fun from DIYers. For me myself, I love that, but, here comes the big BUT, when a dangerous trying that might hurt the things you love, what would you do? The answer is simple, take the danger away from the things you love.

Today, it is a quite step for our little prototype, with four 980KV motors, 11 inches propellers and self-modified open source software, my heart is trambling, also exciting. Is it going to fly? Or just crash into the hard ground? Keep your eyes open!

Of course I don’t want it to crash into innocent people, so, a place like my parking garage in no mans time would be a good choice. Just wish it won’t hit somebody’s cars, mines are fine:)

I configured the prototype quad-copter with APM Planner already, just leave it with the default PIDs, here is how it is hovering.

Hovering with default PID

Good, it is actually flying, although the monment is short, but flying. I feel awesome, hours of modifying ardupilot, Dupont wires, bread boards, breakout boards, sensors etc.. I didn’t expect all those things work together at the first time can bring the quad-copter into the air. It’s in the air though, in front of me, good, isn’t it?

Default PID bouncing

PID adjusting

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