Arducopter full functional with the prototype

The ardupilot software is almost done by the code, there are existing support for MPU6050, MS5611, HMC5883L and Ublox serial GNSS. What I did was to add a new “board” in the build system of ardupilot, specify the drivers the prototype that depends on.

After clean the code, and make a “decent” board, I guess we can merge the source code into upstream, so we could announce the official support of ardupilot.

Prototype with GPS

Bought a Ublox NEO 6 GPS, so it could switch to almost all the ardupilot flight modes. Loiter mode looks quite stable in the wind.

RTL, return to land, very precise, error less in one feet

Flying loiter mode for a while, switch to RTL, more than expected!

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