BH Pilot SD Card image v1.0.1

Raspberry Pi 3 SD card image

  • kernel 4.6.5
  • preempt-4.6.5-rt9
  • debian 8.6 jessie armv7a hf
  • raspap-webgui 1.2
  • ardupilot copter 3.6.0-rc5
  • ds1339 rtc enabled
  • bcm43430 bluetooth enabled
  • bcm43430 sdio wifi enabled
  • dhcp server client ip pool changed from only to ranged, lease time 12 hours.
  • ardupilot MAVLink message now broadcast to all the client ips.
  • onboard GPS communicates via SPI bus, UART is used for terminal.

  • This image enabled hotspot AP by default, on your ground control station, search ssid bithollow-bh, default password is bithollow. Its dhcp server will dynamically assign client ip in the pool:, lease time 12 hours.

    MAVLink message from ardupilot will be broadcasted to each of the leased client ip, thus you could have multiple GCS as clients to monitor ardupilot status.

  • To config the hotspot AP, access in your web broswer, user: bit, password: hollow

  • If you found your GPS somehow not responsed, cut off GPS battery power by the DIP switch on BH board while Raspberry Pi is not powered on. (more information about the DIP switch is in user documents)

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