Clang clang in the field

Good day! Today I wanna go to the field! It’s been a while since in the garage, I guess just guess, the prototype is mature enough to go out. However in a city like Shanghai, a flying ground for such … Read More

Always garage for the first time

Drones belong to the blue sky, green grass, with a breeze… Whilst the sun light showers over their body, they look lovely. Well, that’s the fun from DIYers. For me myself, I love that, but, here comes the big BUT, … Read More

Raspberry Pi HAT prototyping

Our hobbies come to a new level, we want to design a HAT for Raspberry Pi, which includes 10 DoF, PWM I/O, GNSS, RTC and various LEDs, extension ports. This HAT can be used as the compliment to Raspberry Pi, … Read More