In stock

We are in stock! Now everyone can buy BH Pilot from, the powerful BH Pilot featured with 10DoF, GNSS and RTC clock. We believe it is the high performance with the most cost-effective autopilot board on the market! Now … Read More

BH v0.2 fixes schematic bugs

Here comes the BH Pilot v0.2, fixed several bugs related to the schematic. Furthermore, we introduced the following enhencements: Replaced MPU6050 and HMC5883L to MPU9250. MPU9250 is the successor of MPU6050, it features Accelerometer, Gyroscope and Magnetometer all in one … Read More

BH HAT v0.1 arrives

Hey! BH HAT, BH board, BH Pilot, all the same thing! It finally arrived, although as test sample. The PCB layout looks beautiful, thanks to our supplier. However, inevitably, we have to fly jumper wires due to some mistakes in … Read More

Time to give it a name

Since we call our little organization BitHollow, how are about we call the first board BH, as the capital letters in the org name. Sounds pretty nice:) The BH board is designed to complement the public development board, adding movement … Read More

Raspberry Pi HAT prototyping

Our hobbies come to a new level, we want to design a HAT for Raspberry Pi, which includes 10 DoF, PWM I/O, GNSS, RTC and various LEDs, extension ports. This HAT can be used as the compliment to Raspberry Pi, … Read More