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Now everyone can buy BH Pilot from, the powerful BH Pilot featured with 10DoF, GNSS and RTC clock. We believe it is the high performance with the most cost-effective autopilot board on the market!

Now it could be shipped to more than 200 countries worldwide, why are you still waiting?! Boost your drones in the air, on the ground, on the water and under the 💦

Don’t forget to check back our software download and user documentation. If you are a developer, want to program your own software, also there’s developer documentation.

Soon, a pre-installed SD Card would be purchased from the store, the card contains a full installed quad-copter software stack, so you can plug-use directly, go go go!!

The BH is in white, its DIP switch is improved thus GNSS auxiliary power supply could be cut from the battery. Compare to the black BH v0.2, we think it is now fully ready to be in your hand.

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