Pre-installed Raspberry Pi 3 SD card


8 in stock (can be backordered)



Pre-installed the latest software image produced by Bithollow till the time the card is shipped. Ardupilot is configured as quad-copter and it starts up at boot time.

This is a good choice if you prefer saving time to prepare the micro SD card all by yourself.

– kernel 4.6.5
– preempt-4.6.5-rt9
– debian 8.6 jessie armv7a hf
– raspap-webgui 1.2
– ardupilot copter 3.6.0-rc5
– ds1339 rtc enabled
– bcm43430 bluetooth enabled
– bcm43430 sdio wifi enabled
– dhcp server client ip pool changed from only to ranged, lease time 12 hours.
– ardupilot MAVLink message now broadcast to all the client ips.
– onboard GPS communicates via SPI bus, UART is used for terminal.


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